Starting at the middle of February it is
time to start watching the grass to see
when it is time to start the season with
our quick release 15-5-10 Lawn Special.

The Lawn Special is a quick
release fertilizer that will
help boost the lawn out of

Make sure to water in well.
Southwest Lawn Special
Now is the perfect time to start fertilizing
with our all natural Earth Essentials
fertilizer.  This product is slow release
and will also help feed the microbes in the

Perfect for lawns, flower beds
and vegetable gardens.

Water well for faster pellet
break down.
Southwest Earth Essentials
Featured Products
Southwest Gourmet Mix
Ballistol is a multi-purpose cleaner,
lubricant, penetrant, and protector that
is environmentally friendly, and non-
carcinogenic.  This product can be used
on everything from guns, to wood to
leather, and gardening tools.  Useful for
cleaning, lubricating,
water proofing,
and preservation.
Ballistol Multi-Purpose
This is one of our top of the line custom
made bird mixes.  Milo-free, and based
primarily on black oil sunflower seeds and
white millet, this is a great choice for
feeding cardinals, blue jays, and finches.  
This mix also includes safflower, chopped
corn and roasted

Sold in 15 lb. bags.
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