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A Better Lawn From the Ground Up

Common Symptoms Does your lawn look thin and yellow? Is the soil hard as a parking lot? When watering, do you start to get run- off into the gutter after just a few minutes? Is the root system of your grass shallow and easy to pull up? Does your yard look worse than your neighbor that “never does anything to his yard”? These are all indications that the soil structure in your yard is poor. The purpose of this article is to give you an annual program that will feed the grass and improve the soil to offer a more efficient and disease resistant lawn. The Root of the Problem To prosper, plants need well-drained soil with a course texture. The dirt should be friable i.e. crumbly and loose. Ove

Become A Garden Soil Iron Chef

The key to healthy plants is healthy soil. Late winter is the time to prepare the soil in your vegetable and flower gardens for the upcoming season. Nothing will make more of a difference in how well your plants perform than the correct soil mixture. Most plants will do best in soil that is well-drained with abundant organic matter. Does your dirt crust over when dry? When wet, does it form a hard ball when squeezed in your hand? These are all indications that the soil is deficient. This plan is intended for the majority of the common vegetable and flower plants where soil pH needs to be slightly acid. Step 1 - Understand your starting point Measure your garden to find the square footag

How to Handle a Dry Summer

The Houston summer is rough on lawns and plants and adding to that the potential for a drought only makes things worse. These steps, especially when taken early on, will help to keep lawns and plants in better shape throughout the hottest part of the year. Southwest Premium Compost This is an extra fine, fully composted, cow manure that can be put out by hand or in a spreader. Use anywhere from 2 ½ to 4 bags per 1,000 (this can be done spring and fall as well) to increase the organic material in the soil. This will help with water retention, decreased compaction, increased available oxygen, and increased microbial activity. All of this helps keep plants healthier and less stressed

With the Rain Comes the Bugs. . .

All the rain we are getting is certainly welcome, there are some things to consider in the aftermath, bugs! Days of rain will be increasing the amount of mosquitoes, ants, and roaches in the yard. In particular, it will be more likely for the big tree roaches to get into the house. Take action with these products to help keep the bugs at bay. Permethrin Spray Use a permethrin based spray on the lawn, on shrubs, and on mulch to help control mosquitoes, ants, roaches, and other insects out in the yard (including chinch bugs). Depending on later rainfall permethrin can stay effective for up to 30 days. Premethrin, and other topical lawn sprays are very important in controlling sod

Preparing for a Frost or Freeze

Even in Houston, TX freezes and frosts are certainly not out of the question and can cause lots of damage to plants here, especially tropical plants like Hibiscus and Plumerias. Here are some tips to help prepare for any harsh winter weather: Keep Plants hydrated: freezing temperatures damage plants by freezing the water inside of them. Keeping the soil and plant watered well can help make sure the plant does not dehydrate. Large trees that cannot be covered easily with frost blanket can be sprayed with water to create an icy barrier of protection. Cover all susceptible plants: Use frost blankets to give plants a few degrees of protection from the cold as well as a barrier against win

Turface MVP for Superior Gardening

Proper water maintenance is an important aspect of successful gardening, and a proper balance is important to all plants. In a climate like ours where rain can come all at once or none at all, maintaining the balance is all the more difficult. A proper soil mix from the beginning will go a long way towards ensuring a successful garden and Turface MVP is an important aspect of that. Overall Benefits Turface MVP is a calcined clay. It is a high fire ceramic with a large amount of pore space. What this means is that Turface MVP sits within the soil and helps control the amount of moisture in the soil. It stops compaction better than perlite, and absorbed water better than vermiculite, all

Mosquito and Flea Control

With all the rain we've had and the heat on the way, fleas and mosquitoes have become a big problem. Luckily, with the right products, the backyard can still be a pleasant place, even in the summer! Control for Mosquitoes Mosquitoes are the biggest issues around here with all the rain and flooding that we have had this year. Floodwater mosquitoes will be out in droves as they start hatching at around the same time, and will all be looking for food (us!) However, with some proactive treatment mosquitoes can be controlled well in the yard. 1. Treat any standing water: Standing water is the breeding ground for mosquitoes, it is important to treat these areas to make sure that the larvae

The Importance of Winterizing

$img %ImageAssetImpl:/images/green_inactive2.jpg$1. Stronger Roots Winterizer fertilizers give an extra boost to root growth at the end of the season. Having stronger, healthier roots is very important to help the grass handle the dormant period and any frosts or freezes that come with it. As the grass goes dormant, the roots continue to feed and prepare for the spring. These stronger roots help the grass come out of dormancy in the spring stronger and greener. 2. Hardier Grass The increase of potash in Winterizers strengthen the grass, as well as adding disease resistance. Leading up to the winter it is important that all development of the grass happens properly, and potash i

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