Gift Ideas

Circle E Candles, Two Old Goats lotion & soap, linements, as well as Gift Certificates

Here at Southwest Fertilizer, we have more than fertilizer, tools, and pesticides.  We have a large selection of scented candles, organic soaps, and organic lotions.  Not only do these make great gifts for birthdays and during the holidays, but they make great gifts for yourself as well.


Two Old Goats lotion and soap has become a staple of our gift area, and we have many repeat customers.  Made from goat's milk and infused with natural ingredients, Two Old Goats is a great, soothing, non-greasy, lotion.

If you, or anyone you know, likes candles, there's no need to look any further then Circle E
Candles.  From Fredericksburg, TX, they certainly set the bar for scented candles, and those
candles set the mood perfectly.  They offer a wide selection of candles in several categories:  Fine
Perfumes, Fresh Fruits, Kitchen Gourmet, Nature Scents, and Seasonal Favorites.

Even if you have not been a fan of other scented candles in the past sometimes taking a whiff of
the Bird of Paradise candle can be enough to change your mind.  There's no wonder that the Bird
of Paradise, which has a scent both floral and fruitful, is the most popular scent we sell.  The
flavors nicely range from the strong and spicy to the mild and natural to help accommodate any

Aside from the assortment of flavors available, the other remarkable thing about these candles is
their longevity.  Our 22 oz and 8 oz candles are capable of enhancing atmospheres for
hours on end.  To get the most out of your candle, and to ensure an even burn, light both wicks
whenever you burn the candle.

To help prepare you for any gift-giving dilemmas, if you can't make up your mind now, we offer Gift
Certificates in any denomination you require.