Lawn Calendars

Winter Guide

  • What to plant

    • Flowers:  Begonias, Pentas, Impatiens, Violas

    • Vegetables:  Greens, Lettuce, Cole Crops.

  • Fertilizing:  Southwest Premium Winterizer 16-8-12 to one last greenup of the year and to a better lawn in the spring.

  • Weed Control:  Apply Barricade or Dimension to help prevent weeds over the next three months.  

  • Insect Control

    • Apply Amdro or Bengal Ultra Dust for Ant control.

    • Sod Webworms:  Start treatments with a spray once a week for three weeks, then use a granule for longer-term control.  Bifenthrin, BT, and Cyhalothrins are all good active ingredients for caterpillar control.

  • Fungal Control:  Apply PCNB for Brown Patch treatment.  Bonide Infuse and BioAdvanced Fungal Control can be used to prevent.  Keep in mind, though, that in the summer areas that look like brown patch could be sod webworm damage, so double-check the damage.