Along with our vast supply of lawn and garden supplies, we also carry several types of athletic
supplies.  These include soil conditioner, top dressing, drying agents, chalk and paint.

Our main athletic products are the Turface MVP and the Turface Quick Dry.  The MVP is used
as a soil and turf conditioner to help maintain healthy draining soil.  The Quick Dry is used as a
remarkable drying agent for soaking up puddles fast.  Along with those products, we also carry the Turface Pro League in Red and Heritage Red colors.  These products are similar to the Turface MVP but are smaller and colored for use on base paths.  These products are sold by the bag, with 40 bags per pallet.

For marking fields we carry the Turface Pro Line Chalk as well as spray paint.

Similar to the Turface MVP is the Field and Fairway Brown.  This product works in the same
way as the MVP but is much smaller and able to be used as a topdressing without aeration.

The Pro League products are slightly smaller more uniform granules than the Turface MVP
and come in a variety of colors well suited for top dressing in fields.  Pro League helps
maintain proper drainage and footing like the MVP while also being more uniform and adding
cosmetic qualities.

Other products available are the Turface Mound Clay and the Turface Moundmaster bricks.  
The bricks are sold individually and the mound clay is sold by the bag with 40 bags per pallet.  
Building and renovation instructions are available at

You can also check out these wonderful instructional videos on the Turface website

*Discounts are available for pallet quantities.


Pro League

Champion Brown


Heritage Red