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Pets, Farm Animals & Wildlife

We know that taking good care of your pets, farm animals and wildlife is important to you, and it’s important to us as well! The store carries many food options for all sizes of animals plus has a variety of animal supplies.

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Dog and Cat Food, & Supplies

We are proud to be one of the independent retailers in the Houston area approved to carry Victor® super-premium dog and cat food. We carry 20+ varieties of this high-quality product, in both dry and canned formulas, and in multiple sizes. All formulas are either grain-free, or made with gluten-free grains, and all varieties are free from artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. 


We also stock many other pet supplies, including a wide assortment of health products for dogs and cats. You will also find a variety of flea and tick treatments, wormer products, mange and ear mite treatments, nutritional supplements and puppy or kitten meal replacers. 


Need a new pet bowl, collar, leash, food/water mat, or dog waste bags? We can help with that! All our pet supplies are high-quality, and are available in assorted colors.

Bird Seed & Supplies

To help you attract and feed a variety of wild birds, we carry several feed blends, including Southwest Fertilizer customized blends, as well as individual products such as cracked corn, sunflower, safflower and peanuts (shelled and whole) in both small and large bags. You’ll also find Nyger® seed for goldfinches, an assortment of hummingbird nectar (available in both powder and liquid form), and many choices for suet cakes. Of course, we also feature feed options for many specific pet bird species, including parrots, parakeets, cockatiels, canaries, pigeons and finches.


Need a bird feeder? Then look no further. We stock an assortment of traditional birdhouses, plus a selection of tube and cedar feeders in a variety of sizes and styles, as well as purple martin houses and finch socks. Hummingbird feeders and suet feeders, both hanging and basket style, can be found at the store as well.

If you want to keep squirrels off your bird feeders, we offer several squirrel-proof bird feeders plus sell squirrel baffles, to help keep the critters at bay.

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Squirrel Food & Supplies

Ensure your backyard squirrels are well fed with one or more of our squirrel feeders, which use corn on the cob. (We offer five-pound and 20-pound bags.)  We also sell raw, unshelled peanuts in a variety of sizes.

Animal Repellants & Traps

To help you control small pest problems, we stock an assortment of rat traps, mouse traps, glue sticks, bait stations and other related products. For larger pest control, we also feature repellant options to help manage snake, gopher, deer, squirrel, cat and dog issues. Products come in granular or spray formulations, in addition to liquids (urine-based items). All-natural options are available as well.

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Chicken Feed & Supplies

We carry chicken feed, hen scratch, starter mash for baby chicks, and laying mash or pellets for laying hens. Additionally, we stock oyster shells and grit to supplement regular feed. And, to keep your flock happy, we sell several chicken treat options, including mealworms, a chicken favorite. We also stock plastic or metal chicken feeders, plastic waterers, float valves, and other supplies.

Farm Animal Feed & Supplies

For larger animals, we carry three types of horse feed (including a sweet feed), as well as horse pellets for mature horses. We also stock deer pellets, goat pellets, pig feed, llama feed, beet pulp shreds, whole oats, crimped oats, range cubes, and alfalfa hay cubes. Lastly, for your large animals’ post-meal comfort, we carry pine shavings and red cedar bedding.

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