Pet & Wildlife

Victor Premium Dog Food

This dog food is here quite literally by popular demand!  Victor sells a super premium dog food that not only stands up to its claims, but is ONLY sold through Independent retailers!

-From their website:
ALL Victor formulas share these qualities :

-Free from Corn, Wheat, Soy, Gluten, Grain By-Products

-All Naturally Formulated with no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors

-Contains scientifically advanced additives from Alltech that works to support excellent digestion and immune system health

Selenium Yeast as the sole source of added Selenium in all formulas!





At Southwest Fertilizer, we don't only sell feed, we also sell support


products for dogs and cats.  We have a large selection of flea


treatments safe for dogs and cats, plus treatments for bedding, the


house, and the lawn.  All very  important for an effective eradication.


 We also have flea shampoo and treatments for ear mites and



Dog and Cat Supplies


Canned Food

We also carry a wide assortment of health related products for dogs and

cats.  We carry the Spectra 9 vaccine for dogs and the focus 3 vaccine for

cats.  Along with these we also have doggy aspirin and joint pills.



Need a new pet bowl, collar, or leash?  We have them.  All from Valhoma and all


excellent quality!

Bird Feed Selection


GourmWe carry a wide selection of both wild bird and pet bird feed to make any bird happy!  For wild birds, we carry a large selection of blends and individual seeds.


We also carry dried mealworms for Blue Birds and chickens, Nyger seed for Gold Finches, and a large selection of red and clear nectar for Hummingbirds, available in both powder and liquid form.

Pure Seeds


Red Millet

White Millet

Black Oil Sunflower

Medium Stripe Sunflower



Sunflower Hearts

Chopped Corn

Whole Corn

Shelled Peanuts

Whole Raw Peanuts

Southwest Fertilizer Brand

Wild Bird Mix

Wild Bird Mix Plus Sunflower

Cardinal Feast

Audubon Society

Wild Bird Food

Premium Blend

Brook's Parrot Blend

Brook's Parakeet Blend

Brook's Finch Blend

Brook's Cockatiel Blend

Country Blends

Song Bird Mix

Fruit & Nuts

Nature's Blend

Complete Patio Blend

No Milo/ No Mess

Wild Bird Food

Cracked Corn

Shelled Peanuts


Sunflower Chips


For Pet Birds, we carry large bags of specialty blends for Parrots, Parakeets, Cockatiels, and Finches.  We also carry small sizes of high-quality Grains Plus blends for Parrots, Parakeets, and Cockatiels.


We also carry Purple Martin Houses, Blue Bird houses, Wren Houses, Screech Owl boxes as well as a regular birdhouse. and a large selection of tube and cedar feeders in a variety of styles.

Hummingbird Season:  August-October, and March-May

Purple Martin Season:  July and August


Farm Animal Feed

After wild birds, our next largest selection of feed is for chickens. We carry hen


scratch, starter mash for baby chicks, and laying mash or pellets for laying hens.


 On top of those, we also carry oyster shells and grit for supplementing regular


feed.  Also, check out our selection of plastic or metal feeders and waterers,


available in various sizes.


We haven't left out the larger animals, though!  We carry three different horse feeds,

including a sweet feed, as well deer pellets, pig feed, llama feed, beet pulp, whole

oats, crimped oats, range cubes, and alfalfa hay cubes.

If there is anything that you are looking for that you don't see on the shelf, please


ask us about it.