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Gift Store

Here at Southwest Fertilizer we sell more than just fertilizers, tools and garden products.  We also carry an assortment of gift items, several of which are Texas-made products so you can help support our state’s artisans.

Two Old Goats®

After working for hours in your yard or garden, do you find yourself with tired, sore muscles? We have a solution for you! Two Old Goats Arthritis Formula & Essential Oil lotions, balms and creams have provided relief to many folks over the years. Made from goat's milk and natural, therapeutic-grade essential oils, Two Old Goats products provide soothing relief with a non-greasy feel and pleasant smell (earthy aroma with overtones of lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus). We carry a variety of sizes, and all these products are made in the USA.

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Other Personal Care Creams and Gels

Looking for help with dry, cracked or damaged skin, achy joints or pain management? We have the right line-up for you! You’ll find additional creams, gels, lotions, liniments and balms, including several all-natural options, to help you from head to toe.

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Mane ‘n Tail®

Another popular line of personal care products we carry is Mane ‘n Tail®.  These micro-enriched protein shampoo and conditioner formulas help prevent hair breakage and repair split ends, achieving the goal of longer, stronger, fuller healthier looking hair. 

Give your hands and feet some love with another popular item, Hoofmaker® Hand and Nail Therapy. The protein-enriched ingredients help moisturize dry, cracked skin on hands, feet and other dry-skin areas. Plus, these products fortify the nails, and protect them from damage while maintaining their strength. And again, all these products are made in the USA.

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Circle E™ Candles

If you, or anyone you know, likes candles, there's no need to look any further than Circle E Candles.  Made in Fredericksburg, TX, these candles certainly set the bar for scented candles as they set the mood perfectly, and are known for their long-burning and delightful fragrance. Each candle is hand-poured into high-quality, heavy-glass containers, using only lead-free wicks, and each has a distinct color, bouquet and ambiance. Our fragrances range from strong and spicy to mild and natural as well as seasonal favorites to help accommodate any palate. Candle sizes range from 8 oz. to 43 oz.

Big Creek Honey

If honey is your sweetener of choice, we have several options for you. Produced in East Texas, the local liquid honey is available in three sizes.   And be sure to also try the 100% pure spreadable honey available in regular and cinnamon flavors.  These products will leave your taste buds asking for more!

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Gift Cards

If you can’t decide on a gift to buy, but want to treat your gardener friend/family member to items they’ve been longing for, or want to show gratitude for a favor, we offer gift certificates in any denomination. And the good news is they never expire. 

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