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Organic Gardening

Come grow with us, naturally! Our wide assortment of organic gardening essentials, one of the largest and most diverse selections in the area, will help your lawn, garden, and landscape projects flourish.


Lawn and Plant Fertilizers

Organic gardening begins by feeding the soil. Our extensive product line-up of organic fertilizers (including fish-based fertilizers), soil enhancers and plant foods includes all-purpose, garden and plant specific alternatives available in both granular and liquid formulas. We feature a large selection of products from Medina®, MicroLife®, Espoma®, Fox Farms® and Alaska®, and Nature’s Creation® any of which can help you achieve healthy soil, strong roots and maximum plant bloom/growth.

Soils and Soil Conditioners

We offer an extensive variety of organic soils, soil conditioners, amendments and growth stimulants. Our selection includes natural, all-purpose, plant-specific and seed-starter potting soils, coco loco potting mix, compost options, perlite, vermiculite, sphagnum peat moss, worm castings, Azomite®, organic growth stimulants and more. Fox Farms, Espoma, and Organic Rev are a few of the major brands of organic soils and conditioners available in our store.

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Weed Control

To help keep those annoying weeds under control, we feature several all-natural grass and weed control options from Natria® and Natural Guard brand by ferti-lome®. We also carry AgraLawn Crabgrass Killer, an organic formula safe for people and pets that is a popular treatment for eliminating most weeds. Lastly, if you’re looking for 20% vinegar, we stock one-gallon and 2.5-gallon containers. 

Insecticides and Fungicides

Houston gulf coast weather can create insect control problems, and can cause lawn and plant diseases. To help keep these issues under control, we offer many organic solutions in a variety of sizes and formats, from concentrates to ready-to-use formulas. Our top-sellers include neem oil, spinosad, insecticide soaps, 3-in-1 garden products, liquid fungicides, Monterey B.t, copper fungicides and diatomaceous earth. Natural Guard brand by ferti-lome®, Captain Jack’s by Bonide®, Organicide®, Safer®, Harris®, Monterey® and ferti-lome® are just a few of the high-quality organic product brands we keep in stock.

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