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Southwest Fertilizer boasts a large and diverse selection of lawn and garden fertilizers, chemicals, and tools.  Among our extensive fertilizer selection we have our own 15-5-10 formulated fertilizer for Southeast Texas lawns, as well as Nitro-Phos, EasyGro, and Scotts.  For your landscapes and gardens we have you covered no matter what plants you have out there.  Together with old favorites like 13-13-13 and 12-24-12 we have other general flower fertilizers like Color Star 19-13-6, and Osmocote 18-6-12.  When it comes to Azaleas, Bougainvilleas, Hibiscus, and Roses we have a selection of plant-specific fertilizers for best results.For insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides we have a selection of products typically stronger than what is available at the big box stores.  Most of these products are available in both liquid and granular forms, and many are commercial strength.  To spread lawn products we carry spreaders from Scotts, Earthway, and Shindaiwa.  We carry the Scotts Edgeguard Mini, Edgeguard Delux, Edgeguard Pro, Scotts Drop Classic, as well as the Easy Handheld, and Handygreen II handheld broadcast spreaders.


Along with our lawn and garden section, we also have seed packets from Ferry Morse, Lilly Miller, and Burpee.  Along with those, we also have our own bulk seed bin, pictured here.  Here you can find all the common vegetables, all available by the scoop for a lot less then the packets cost.All seeds are Non-GMO  We also have sections for Heirloom and Organic seeds.  All seeds sold are fresh and for the current growing year.

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