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Let us help you with your lawn, garden, and landscape projects, from start to finish, with our broad and unique selection of easy and hard to find products.

Lawn & Garden

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Lawn Fertilizers

We carry both synthetic and organic fertilizer options to replenish nutrient deficient soils and maintain a healthy lawn. You’ll find our Southwest Fertilizer brand of lawn fertilizers (specifically formulated for the Houston gulf coast area), in quick-release and slow-release options, as well as winter fertilizer. Additionally, we sell a variety of products from high-quality brands including Nitro-Phos, EasyGro®, Scott’s® and ferti-lome® that will help support and strengthen your turf.

Plant & Garden Fertilizers

To help your plants thrive, we stock many all-purpose, plant-specific and nutrient-specific fertilizer options. You can choose from a variety of water-soluble, granular, liquid and slow-release, plus synthetic and organic, plant food products. Key brands we carry include Nelson, Nitro-Phos, Carl Pool, Miracle Gro®, Osmocote®, ferti-lome® and Hi-Yield®.

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Adding soil amendments to your lawn or garden is important, as these products modify the soil condition to achieve enhanced plant growth, and to reduce soil compaction for improved water filtration. They also add nutrients to the soil and help fertilizers do their job. 


To help you with your specific outdoor needs, we carry a variety of soil amendments in various bag sizes. Our most popular products are Azomite®, worm castings, organic matter (compost), lime, sulfur, gypsum, vermiculate and perlite.

Pesticides, Fungicides & Weed Control

We feature an extensive selection of popular, as well as harder-to-find, products that can help address your garden problems. Many of these pesticides, fungicides and weed control products come in liquid and granular forms, with topical and systemic options also available. Many of these brands also offer commercial strength formulas. ferti-lome®, Hi-Yield®, Bonide®, Monterey® and BioAdvanced® are a few of our most popular brands.


To help you apply these products, we also carry an assortment of spreaders and sprayers from well-known brands including Scotts®, Ortho®, Chapin™, Harris® and Hi-Yield®.

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For your home vegetable or flower garden, we offer an extensive selection of seeds for the current growing year. Come browse our seed packet displays for your choice of vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. For many plants, we carry traditional, organic and heirloom varieties.


If you prefer to package your own seeds, shop our bulk seed bin. You’ll find a large assortment of fruit, bean, herb and vegetable seeds, all available by the scoop. (All of our bulk seeds are non-GMO.) In addition, we carry seed-starting supplies.


For spring planting specifically, we sell seed potatoes, 1015 onions and caladium bulbs. And for the fall, yellow, white and purple onion bulbs plus garlic are available.

Live Plants

For most of the year we stock a wide assortment of live seasonal plants. Start your spring with a floral landscape color pop, or plant fresh vegetables and herbs to delight your family and friends. Nothing beats the taste of home-grown vegetables from your own garden!


Need some help with the “best” time to plant your vegetables? Click here for an easy guide to planting.

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Grass Sod & Seeds

To start, add to, or replace the grass in your lawn, stop by to pick up St. Augustine sod in the spring, Ryegrass seeds in the fall, or Bermuda grass seed throughout the year. We also sell the broadcast spreaders that disperse these seeds.

Insect Control

Living in hot, humid Houston can mean too many encounters with pesky insects. We stock an extensive number of products to help eradicate mosquitoes, bed bugs, fleas and ticks, roaches, fire ants, carpenter ants, sod webworms, slugs, spiders, scorpions, wasps, flies and other insects. Our selection of product types includes aerosol sprays, concentrates, granules, bits, repellants, traps, foggers and powders. Both traditional and organic options are available.

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Soils, Compost & Mulch

We stock a wide variety of soils, compost and mulch, including all-purpose and specialty soils, rose soil, chicken manure, coconut coir, soil conditioners and topsoils. Both small and large bags are available, as are both traditional and organic offerings.

Gardening Accessories & Supplies

To enhance your lawn and garden care projects, we sell an extensive number of garden tools and supplies. Our products include:

      - Gardening gloves and hats

      - Watering tools, including hoses, sprinklers, wands and nozzles

      - Trellises

      - Clay and plastic pots and saucers

      - Coco liners

      - Rain gauges

      - Soil moisture and Ph meters and testers

      - Compost thermometers

      - Tree wound dressings

      - Garden supplies, such as twine garden wire, stretch ties, twist ties and tomato cages.

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Tree Care

Be sure you also take good care your trees, shrubs, vines and bushes. For your tree care and grafting projects, we carry many items including tree wound dressings in a variety of formats, tree wrap, prolock chain-lock tree ties, pruning sealers and grafting tape.

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