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The Importance of Winterizing

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

1. Stronger Roots Winterizer fertilizers give an extra boost to root growth at the end of the season. Having stronger, healthier roots is very important to help the grass handle the dormant period and any frosts or freezes that come with it. As the grass goes dormant, the roots continue to feed and prepare for the spring. These stronger roots help the grass come out of dormancy in the spring stronger and greener. 2. Hardier Grass The increase of potash in Winterizers strengthens the grass, as well as adds disease resistance. Leading up to the winter it is important that all development of the grass happens properly, and potash is very important in accomplishing this. 3. Better green up in the Spring With healthier roots and stronger plant tissue helping the grass make it through the winter better, these improvements play a big role in the spring as well. By applying a Winterizer in the late fall, the grass emerges quicker, greener, and stronger in the spring.

4. Damage Repair

Since our winterizer is high nitrogen, it also works very well in repairing damage caused by fall brown patch or sod webworms. By applying the winterizer at the end of October, there is enough time left in the growing season to achieve some grow back before the grass goes dormant.

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