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What to do AFTER the Freeze

Care for plants after a freeze can be just as important as steps taken before a freeze. Especially when there is a freeze early in the season it is important to not do too much to the plants.

What you can do Reapply mulch and compost as necessary to make sure plant insulation is maintained. Super Thrive, Boomerang, and seaweed extracts can all be used to help handle stress and improve survivability without unnecessarily promoting growth.

Don't Prune Plants As a general rule you do not want to cut back plants right after a freeze. the exposed inside of the stem plus any new growth that might appear will be even more susceptible to another freeze that might happen before the winter is over.

The only exception is with dead material that is mushy or rotting. Those should be cut back to prevent a rot from spreading through the rest of the plant.

Don't Fertilize Just like with the pruning the goal is to prevent too much new growth too early in the year.

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