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Soil, Mulch, & Compost

When it comes to planting your garden, potting up, re-mulching, or amending, we have an extensive selection of bagged soils.  Potting soil, garden soil, topsoil, mulch, compost, rocks, and aggregates.


We carry several mulches in a variety of sizes and colors.  All of our mulches are natural and

Do Not Contain Any Dyes.

Pine Bark Mulch

Hardwood Mulch

Black Velvet Mulch

Cypress Mulch

Cedar Mulch

Nature's Way Aged Native Mulch

Western Decorative Bark Nuggets


Whether you are mixing into potting soil, a garden, or topdressing a lawn, we have a compost for you!

Southwest Premium Compost

Farm Dirt Aerated Compost

Composted Chicken Manure

Healthy Soil Compost

My Organic Compost

Heirloom Leaf Mold Compost

Heirloom Leaf Mold & Shale Compost

Black Humus Compost

Cottonburr Compost

Nature's Way Leaf Mold Compost

Landscape Soils

Landscaper's Pride Gardener's Magic

Landscaper's Pride Premium Rose Soil

Landscaper's Pride Top Soil w/ Compost

The Season's Bed Mix

The Ground Up My Veggie & Herb Mix

Miracle Gro Garden Soil

Miracle Gro Veggie & Herb Soil

Miracle Gro Cactus & Succulent Mix

Miracle Gro Raised Bed Mix

Heirloom Rose Soil

Heirloom Veggie & Herb Soil

Heirloom Cactus Soil

Heirloom Citrus & Berry Mix

Nature's Way Rose Soil Mix

Nature's Way Citrus Mix

Nature's Way Garden Mix

Lawn and Garden Soils Compost and Mulch.jpg
Organics Soils & Conditioners.png

Potting Soil

Landscaper's Pride Premium Potting Soil

Landscaper's Pride Regular Potting Soil

Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil

Fox Farm Happy Frog Potting Soil

Fox Farm Coco Loco Potting Soil

The Ground Up Bohemian Potting Soil

Baccto Potting Soil

Miracle Gro Potting Soil

Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Soil

Heirloom The Works Potting Soil

African Violet Potting Soils

Orchid Potting Soils

Rocks & Aggregates

Play Sand

Lava Sand

Expanded Shale

Turface MVP

Decomposed Granite

Landscape Gravel

River Pebbles

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