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How to Handle a Dry Summer

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

The Houston summer is rough on lawns and plants and adding to that the potential for a drought only makes things worse. These steps, especially when taken early on, will help to keep lawns and plants in better shape throughout the hottest part of the year. Southwest Premium Compost This is extra-fine, fully composted, cow manure that can be put out by hand or in a spreader. Use anywhere from 2 ½ to 4 bags per 1,000 (this can be done spring and fall as well) to increase the organic material in the soil. This will help with water retention, decreased compaction, increased available oxygen, and increased microbial activity. All of this helps keep plants healthier and less stressed to help fight a drought situation better. Revive Revive is a product whose main goal is to break the surface tension between the water and soil for better penetration. One of the biggest problems as we get into a hot dry season is that as the ground dries out, it becomes harder to actually get use out of the water we apply. It either tends to pool up or run off the surface. This product not only keeps that from happening, but it also feeds microbes and adds iron. Use this product every six weeks throughout the summer for the best results. Revive is available in a liquid or granular form. Southwest Premium Gold Fertilizer Even during a hot dry summer, the grass is still going to need extra nutrients. The Premium Gold is a slow-release 15-5-10 fertilizer custom-made for our summers and lasts for 3 months. Using products like the Premium Compost and Revive beforehand help make sure that there aren’t any stress issues with fertilizing over the summer. As always, make sure to follow labeling instructions and water in well. Deep Water Trees Even some large trees are going to need help with water. When tree roots run out of available water in their normal depth they will start taking that water from the level that the grassroots will be in. When competition like this occurs, the grass is going to lose. Using a Ross Root Feeder or YardButler Deep Root Irrigator will help keep available water in the tree root’s natural level. Run the Sprinklers In the end, the sprinklers are still going to make a difference. While these products reduce the amount of water needed for a lawn to stay healthy, it is still necessary. Here are some guidelines to follow for efficient, and effective watering: Twice a week, for 20-30 minutes per section. Grass needs around 1 ½ inches of water a week and grows better off of deep watering, instead of a small amount every day.

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