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With the Rain Comes the Bugs. . .

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

All the rain we are getting is certainly welcome, there are some things to consider in the aftermath, bugs! Days of rain will be increasing the number of mosquitoes, ants, and roaches in the yard. In particular, it will be more likely for the big tree roaches to get into the house. Take action with these products to help keep the bugs at bay. Permethrin Spray Use a permethrin based spray on the lawn, on shrubs, and on mulch to help control mosquitoes, ants, roaches, and other insects out in the yard (including chinch bugs). Depending on later rainfall permethrin can stay effective for up to 30 days.

Permethrin and other topical lawn sprays are very important in controlling sod webworms as well. If you see any small (~1 in) white or gray moths fluttering out of the lawn, spray the whole yard. Spraying shrubs in the area can also help control the adults. Amdro or Come & Get It Bait For ant mounds that appear out in the yard or flower bed. Not only can these baits be applied around the mound without having to disturb the mound. Also, if you can't find a mound in a flower bed, just scatter some of the bait and let the ants find it. Amdro uses a synthetic chemical, and Come & Get It is organic. Bifenthrin Granules Using bifenthrin granules around the perimeter of the house is an easy way to add an extra barrier to help keep roaches and other bugs out of the house. It does not last as long as some professional sprays, but it can be cheaper and easier to apply. Demon WP Spray Demon WP is a professional level spray and one of the best products to apply for a home invading pests. Apply this product in a pump-up sprayer around weep holes, window jams, and the foundation lime. It is also important to remember that a lot of the roaches that come through the shower drains and end up in the bathroom are actually coming from up in the attic. Make sure to spray along the eves of the house to make sure that there is adequate prevention in place.

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